The Why of our Business

We, at Envision Human Services, LLC., guarantee that each individual that receives our services will be provided with services and supports that are person centered, family centered, and community centered.  

We view houses and communities as though we are moving into them.  If we wouldn’t move into the homes, why would we have individuals that we support move into the homes.  Individuals that receive our services and supports will experience a “home-like” environment.  They will be able to decorate their rooms as they see fit; when they are at home, they will have home-cooked, nutritious meals.  

We will tailor the programming around the individuals needs and wants to ensure success and happiness.


Our History

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Our Mission, Vision & Values


We are committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities and their friends & families by providing exceptional evidence-based services to every individual, every day.


We know that all people have a deep rooted desire to belong, to be in relationship, to live within the security of their family and friends, to be included in the greater life around them with all its possibilities for hope and fulfillment and to do so, to the greatest extent possible, on their own terms.


Excellence ~

The continual emphasis on increasing knowledge and delivering the highest quality supports and services

Nurture Partnerships & Collaborations ~ 

Meaningful participation by people with developmental disabilities strengthens us.  Agency staff and stakeholders create mechanisms to foster this participation.  The diverse needs of people with developmental disabilities are best met in collaboration with the many local and statewide entities who are partners in planning for and meeting these needs, such as people who have developmental disabilities, families, communities, local government and social, health and educational systems.

Valued aspects are Quality & Excellence ~  

Competency is a baseline.  We find ways to encourage quality and create ways to recognize and incentivize excellence to improve outcomes throughout our system.

Innovation ~

Continual emphasis on increasing knowledge and delivering the highest quality supports and services

Sustaining and maximizing opportunities ~ 

This is achieved by creating opportunities and supporting people in ways that allow for as many as possible to access the supports and services they want and need.

Integrity & Dignity ~ 

The recognition of the worth of each person and the treatment of individual rights and preferences with respect, honor and fairness

Our Reason ~

People with developmental disabilities are at the heart of everything we do, and this person-first ethic is embodied in the way we express ourselves, and in the way we conduct our business.

Noble ~ 

There is a shared accountability and responsibility among and by all stakeholders, including individuals with disabilities, their families, and the public and private sector.  All staff are held to a high degree of accountability in how they carry out their responsibilities.  We strive to earn and keep the individual trust of people with developmental disabilities and their families, as well as the public trust.  Creating a system of supports that honors the individual’s right to be responsible for their own life and accountable for their own decisions is of paramount importance.